In this blog, I am going to describe my journey with Flatiron School, the challenges I have encountered, what I have learned, share advices and my accomplishments.

My journey with Flatiron

I am very proud of everything I have done during these 5 months with Flatiron School. I was part of the full stack software engineering class and managed to complete everything on time despite having a full time job as a server.

Organization was key. One thing I have learned during these 5 months is organizing my days on a tight schedule. I woke up everyday early in order to join the daily…

Home page of my portfolio Application

This blog will be about my final project with Flatiron school. I will go over the steps to create an app using react-redux, HTML, JS for the frontend and Ruby on Rails for the backend.

What is Redux?

React — A JS library that helps us to divide up our app into multiple components but doesn’t clearly specify how to keep track of the data(aka State) and how to deal with all the events(aka Actions) properly.

Redux — A complimentary library to React that provides a way to easily keep the data(State) and the events(Actions).

Essentially Redux allows us to build React app…

This project was my 4th project with Flatiron School. I had to build a SPA(Single Page Application) using Javascript, CSS and HTML as the frontend. Specifically, we had to build an asynchronous Javascript using tools like Fetch API or AJAX. This means that I had to use Rails as an API to render JSON (Javascript Object Notation) that Javascript can fetch and manipulate without needing to refresh the page. This is a common technology that many websites use to dynamically present data.

I will breakdown the steps using 2 parts, one for the backend and one for the frontend.


In this post, I’m going to break down how I created my rails app.

  1. First and foremost, you need to really breakdown your app, how you want it look like, what do you want your users experience to be. I decided to go with the wineries of California since I live in the area. My users could post a winery that they visited, and other users could comment on these wineries. Also the wineries are associated to a region that they belong to. I think it could be a great way to discover new wineries.
  2. Using the resource generator gives…

After enjoying a nice winter holiday break and despite Covid managing to enjoy some time with family (well, in-law family as mine is in France), it was time to start 2021 with an exciting project with Flatiron School!

In this blog, I will breakdown the steps to create a sinatra project:

  1. Create your github repo, then install the Corneal gem which will set up most of your app and bundle install. Great! Now let’s go to step 2.

2. Make sure everything is working fine by running shotgun in your terminal. In your application_controller, set your first Get request…

My First CLI Project: Cocktail recipes for cocktails starting with the letter ‘A’

This project has had a lots of ups and downs in just a few days. I first wanted to create a project by scraping a website introducing the world’s best bars. I thought it was going to be fun and exciting. The excitement went away when I realized that it was much more complicated that it sounds. After spending an entire day, about 12 hours working on the project, I realized that I should work with an API which makes things easier. I had already set up my first project so setting up the second one went really smooth. And…

This new journey with Flatiron’s Full-Time Software Engineering program really feels like I’m taking a new trip to a destination that is not clearly defined yet…

I’ve always liked exploring new places, challenging myself, meeting new people. I grew up in France, Lyon, and right after school I took my backpack and left for a year for Australia with one of my closest friend. That was just the beginning of my adventure!

I later had the opportunity to work in Florida at Epcot center as a cultural representative of France. Such a great experience including one of my biggest challenges…


French guy who recently moved to the United States. I am also changing career after having worked 13 years in restaurants. I will be going into coding.

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