My job search after graduating at Flatiron School

I graduated as a Software Engineer at Flatiron School end of April 2021 after working for 13 years in the restaurant industry. It was a big decision and a long journey where I learnt technologies like Javascript, Ruby on Rails, React-Redux.

About me

Once I got here, I found an opportunity to work as a Restaurant Manager in Sausalito, in a touristic area with breathtaking view of San Francisco. My career was all planed and my dream was to one day open a restaurant of my own. Unfortunately, Covid surprised us and things were about to change…

My journey with Flatiron School

During this 5 month program, I learned coding from scratch by working on labs first, then creating my own projects. I tried to stay close to the restaurant industry by creating apps using Sinatra, Ruby on Rails, React, React-redux where users can either document their favorite restaurants, wineries or wines as detailed in one of my previous blog.

My job search

I am really hopeful to find a job before the end of the summer, considering an apprenticeship to get a first step in this industry.

French guy who recently moved to the United States. I am also changing career after having worked 13 years in restaurants. I will be going into coding.