One year into coding. What I’m proud of and wish I had done differently

Coding bootcamp

Honestly, this year has been incredibly hard starting with the coding bootcamp that was really intense. I learned everything from scratch, mainly focusing on Javascript, and created a few apps with everything I learned. The first thing that I am really proud of is getting my things together when I was reaching the bottom. I remember my first week at Flatiron when I was so lost and fell so much behind as I missed so may steps to set up my profile. But after taking a deep breathe, I managed to get back on track by taking a step backward, redo everything from the beginning and by working hard, I caught up by the end of week 2. That was the first time that I felt proud of myself when I saw already a few students dropping the program.
  • get ready before the bootcamp starts. I didn’t know how hard it was going to be and waited until day 1 to start working. I should have started as soon as we got all the links to set up our profile so on day 1 you can actually start learning and not waste time trying to set up your profile. That could have costed me my bootcamp..
  • understand that each month, you are learning a different framework, and that at the end of each month, you are going to use what you’ve learned to build a website from scratch. Anticipating and gathering ideas of projects is really important. Also watching videos about creating a website using the framework you are learning, and even build one if you have time would be so helpful. It would help you get a better understanding of the technology you are using and the result expected
  • lastly but most importantly, communicate and working with the members of your cohort. I started doing this almost the last month and regretted that I had not done this earlier. Everybody was so helpful and helping others makes you understand your code even better.

Job search

So I graduated end of April 2021, took a week of vacation, and started my job search early May.

Amazon Clone
  • Apply to more companies and set up a goal of at least 5 companies a day. I had a Linkedin connection who told me that his magic number was 7, but I think 5 a day 5 days a week is a really good number.
  • Practice the algorithms. I started doing this a few weeks ago but wish that I had done this earlier as I’m sure that it cost me a few jobs, at least going to the final rounds of interview. I am now taking an Udemy Javascript class in order to master these algorithms.
  • Joining more webinars. I started doing this a month ago and I learned a lot from it. These are really informative and you get to know the inside of a company and how it is working for this company.
  • Create an app or website and deploy it. I have mainly been creating clones following tutorial as, I have to admit it, I was short on time. I feel like in order to create an app, you need to have some time to really think about it and time is what I was missing.


Now I feel like I have all the cards in my hands. It is just a matter of time before I find the right company, and my hard work will pay one day. During this year, I have learned so much about coding, technologies but also a lot about myself.



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French guy who recently moved to the United States. I am also changing career after having worked 13 years in restaurants. I will be going into coding.